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Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology
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We are the first school in the world to teach the research that caused the US government and military to travel worldwide to gather together all the top doctors and scientists studying the lymphatic system. They formed the International Society of Lymphology so they could continue researching together. We tell the whole story! Dr. C. Samuel West became the only doctor in that group of scientists to bring that research to the general public to teach people how to prevent, reverse, and eliminate degenerative diseases naturally.

“The most significant, universal, and basic subjects in the health care field are also the most ignored and neglected. Your lymphatic system is an internal vacuum cleaner pulling tissues into a vacuum state, tight and close together—next to the bloodstream. This enables your bloodstream to act as the sole environmental factor, as it nurtures your body throughout life!”

Prof. Karl West- IAL President

Dr. Corwin Samuel West announced:

“Every healing process requires oxygen for cells! This site teaches the Medical Research necessary to reveal:

(1) The prime cause of chronic pain, and degenerative disease, and
(2) How to relieve pain at home faster than you ever dreamed possible, as well as,
(3) How to keep your body free of pain and disease as long as you live.

The speed-healing process is now revealed:

A baby blind and brain damaged – doctors said for life – healed in five days!
Man that was given up to die with five bypass valves – healed in 2 months!
Broken fingers – set in five hours and healed within eight!”

Dr. West further announced,

“The electrical meridians are lymphatic vessels! Deep breathing, rubbing the body, stroking the body, compressing tissues, and energy (as taught in Dr. West’s Live Lecture DVDs) can activate the lymphatic vessels. When the lymphatic vessels are properly activated, they suck out dead debris, toxins, and excess fluid from around the cells—to get them into a “Vacuum State.”

When we do what is necessary to get tissues into a sub-atmospheric condition, there is no excess water around the cells, “only enough water to fill the crevices around them, and that is all.” All tissues require this condition for health. You won’t have chronic pain, loss of energy, or disease (of any kind) so long as tissues are in this condition.”

Many years ago, Dr. West first learned about the research proving that a vacuum state, or conversely a “swamp state” condition was medically documented between 1930 and 1961 at Harvard Medical, the Tulane School and Medicine, and the Mississippi School of Medicine by Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, Dr. H.S. Mayerson, and Dr. Arthur C. Guyton.

In 1976, Dr. West made a significant life-saving discovery that revealed that the sodium-potassium pumps in every cell, organ, and part of your body generate electricity. Dr. West wrote the following formula to revolutionize healthcare:

This formula reveals how oxygen is converted to power, which is necessary for each body part to function correctly.

The PUMPS generate the ELECTRICITY that gives the eyes the POWER to see and the brain the POWER to work. The sodium-potassium pumps in the muscles’ cells can create the ELECTRICITY that gives the muscles POWER so you can walk and run. Cells act as batteries, giving the heart the POWER to beat, the pancreas the POWER to produce insulin, and the white blood cells establish the POWER they need to kill the cancer cells and all viruses, etc.

Dr. West said, “You can now learn how to get OXYGEN to every cell in your body so your body can heal itself, get the ‘Complete Home Study Course’ and go to school with me for two hours per day, for six days. Is that asking too much?

The life-saving research and self-help speed healing techniques taught in Dr. West’s Complete Home-Study Course might allow you to keep your savings and life. You will learn at least 50% of the actual science of healing in this course!

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